New themes: Upscaling, Policy, Capacity Development and Knowledge Hub

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ASARECA pool of scientists to generate knowledge for use in Africa

To deliver a new strategy which has placed ASARECA at the high table of facilitating, supporting, coordinating and advocating for initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainable agricultural transformation and economic growth and development in the ECA sub region, ASARECA has adopted the following thematic areas:

Integrated Capacity Strengthening

Through this thematic area, ASARECA will carry out a comprehensive and holistic strengthening and integration of different types of AR4D capacities and competencies at systemic, organizational and individual levels to support the attainment of inclusive and sustainable agricultural transformation in the ECA countries.

Development and Scaling up of Technologies and Innovations

Through this theme, ASARECA will support the development and adoption of technologies and innovations to address regional challenges so as to take advantage of available and emerging opportunities. This involves supporting the development of approaches, methods, tools and pathways for enhancing uptake and widespread utilization of existing and emerging technologies, innovations and management practices. It will take ASARECA a lot of effort to enhance the scaling up of priority integrated regional agricultural value chains; and support private sector-driven agribusiness incubation and entrepreneurship development. Attainment of this overall aim will ensure availability of appropriate technologies and innovations for addressing regional challenges as well as enhancing the process of “Going-to-Scale by bringing more quality benefits, to more people, over a wider geographical area, more quickly, more equitably and more lastingly”.

Policy Advocacy, Market Analysis and Institutional Arrangements

The overall aim for this thematic area is to support policy advocacy for creating enabling environment, strengthening of regional input and output market analysis and establishment of functional regional institutional arrangements to enhance regional trade. This thematic area shall work closely with the regional RECs and, in particular, with Alliance for Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa (ACTESA) to generate and provide the required data and information.

Knowledge and Information Management

Under this theme, ASARECA will fast track the creation of the Knowledge and Information Hub to facilitate access, by ECA AR4D community, to reliable and up-to-date data, knowledge and information to inform decision-making, including priority-setting and capacity development for AR4D. ASARECA plans to evolve a regional technology and information clearing house with regional data bases, system models and decision-support tools.

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Date Published: 
Thursday, 19 January 2017