ASARECA 2016 corporate report outlines a new direction

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Highlights of ASARECA new direction

ASARECA Annual Corporate Report  2016 is rallying stakeholders to look out for what the institution promises the Agricultural Research for Development Community.

The 2016 year was strategic to ASARECA because the institution had to make strategic decisions that will shape the future of Agricultural Research for Development in the sub-region. The decisions took into cognisance that the agricultural research for development (AR4D) environment in which ASARECA operates has changed,” the report says.

Among many fresh outlooks in the report, ASARECA is strategically repositioned to perform a higher level coordination, convening, facilitative, supportive, advocacy and catalytic role to enhance sustainable agricultural transformation, sustained economic growth and inclusive development in the Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) sub region.

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Date Published: 
Friday, 15 September 2017