Knowledge and Information (KI) Hub

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In the Second Operational Plan, ASARECA is playing the function of a sub-regional hub of knowledge and information (KI). We are making use of enormous amounts of information already generated. The Knowledge and Information Hub is meant to share sub-regional benefits of ASARECA work. The Hub is a focal point for generating and exchanging knowledge, developing new ideas and networking. Among other things, it mainstreams new scientific concepts in TIMPs and policies in the region and facilitates learning to boost the capabilities of ASARECA stakeholders. The Hub also serves as a sub-regional focal point for data and information generated by ASARECA and other AR4D organisations both in ECA and beyond.The ASARECA Knowledge and Information Hub is striving to achieve the following mutually reinforcing outputs:


Establishing and operationalising a learning and innovation centre for agricultural research and development (AR4D)

Our focus is on sharing information and knowledge on policies and TIMPs that are relevant to commercialisation and agro-enterprise, and on information on marketing forces and requirements such as quality, quantity, price and enabling policy environments. This knowledge and information comes from our past and ongoing initiatives in research, generation and scaling-up of TIMPs, and experience with agricultural innovation systems, gender mainstreaming, and agricultural policies and standards among others.


2. The Knowledge and Information Hub will facilitate ASARECA to play its role as a regional AR4D think tank

The AR4D think tank is mooted to advise and influence agricultural related decisions, strategies and policies at national, regional and global levels. Through the ASARECA research projects, the think tank collects, corroborates analyses, synthesises, produces and documents relevant data and information that supports discourse and advocacy for agriculture and related trade strategies and policy issues. Recommendations from the AR4D think tank will be documented, published and brought to the attention of persons (individuals, organisations and governments) that need to take action.


3. Establishing ASARECA robust platforms for information exchange that enable access to its data, information and knowledge


4. The ASARECA Knowledge and Information Hub will serve as the clearing house for AR4D technology and information from the ECA sub-region.


5. Communications and public relations