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Calliandra calothyrusus

Calliandra calothyrusus

Establishment, management and use of Calliandra calothyrusus (Calliandra)

ASARECA Mission, Vision

Describes ASARECA Vision and Mission

Functions of ASARECA

ASARECA working to deliver the CAADP agenda

ASARECA sees improved delivery and impact of scientific knowledge, policy options and technologies as a powerful instrument to drive the sub-region towards meeting the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) which is the agricultural agenda of the African Union’s, New Economic Partnership for African Development (AU/NEPAD).

Staple Crops Programme

Staple crops are a crucial source of food, feed, raw materials, improved nutrition and employment and are a major source of income. The Staple Crops Programme focuses on banana, cassava, maize, millet, potato, rice, sorghum, sweetpotato and wheat, which are priority staples in the region.

Eastern Africa Plant Genetic Resources Network

Keeping traditional varieties for current and future use

As part of measures to address the challenge of climate change on world’s food production and agriculture, scientists recommend to search for genes in wild and traditional varieties of common food crops that could help plants to adapt to variable weather conditions, resist pest and disease, tolerate drought and produce sustainable yield. For this to happen, crop diversity must be properly conserved and easily accessed..

High Value Non Staple Crops Programme

To date, the programme, working with partners across the region has made the following achievements:

Livestock and Fisheries Programme

Agrobiodiversity and Biotechnology Programme

Since 2008, the programme has used biotechnology to enhance the use of agro-biodiversity and as a platform to develop new knowledge. Working with partners from eight national agricultural research institutes (NARIS) and the private sector in Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, D.R.Congo, the project has scored the following achievements

Natural Resources Management and Biodiversity

In response to the above challenges, the Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Programme has, in a consultative manner, identified strategic interventions to promote the use of appropriate technologies and innovations in management of the sub-region’s natural capital. The key strategic interventions are....


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