ASARECA is aware of need to ensure that data, information, products, and services generated at national and regional levels by a range of stakeholders is delivered to users in appropriate formats at the right time. ASARECA’s priority is to ensure the integrity of this data and information by exercising proactive influence in the knowledge value chain. To exert this influence ASARECA has prioritised the following interventions:

Embedding ICKM in research planning and processes: ASARECA will continue entrenching ICKM into research planning and processes through awareness sessions, developing and deploying standard project ICKM guidelines for in all research initiatives, and mobilising resources to raise to hire needed human resources to collect, collate, package and disseminate AR4D knowledge.

Fostering Knowledge partnership with the NARIs: ASARECA will continues investing in initiatives aimed at making NARI and Secretariat knowledge resources robust by reviewing the functionality of existing databases and brokering partnership aimed at leveraging complementary strengths, resources and data sharing models with other AR4D like-minded institutions,

Facilitating Digitisation and use of digital solutions: ASARECA will continue to coordinate initiatives aimed at acquiring requisite human, technical as well as technological capacity to digitise AR4D resources at the NARS level as well as at the ASARECA level.

Reviewing the framework for establishing and managing regional agricultural databases: To ensure efficiency, ASARECA will regularly review guidelines for accessing and applying system models and decision-support tools for better results and backstop establishment of databases in targeted countries.

Delivery of excellent products, systems and procedures: ASARECA will continue improving systems and procedures towards excellence in delivery of high quality services by undertaking to influence the NARIs to implement ISO certification for relevant to CKM, including incorporating guidance on preparation of manuals, procedures and documentation templates.

Promoting interoperability: ASARECA is continuing to strengthen inter-operability by reviewing and improving the framework for sharing knowledge resources, promoting systems compatibility of systems and cataloguing of TIMPs.

Developing products and services: ASARECA will prioritise engagement with constituents to develop state of the art knowledge products as well as demand driven goods and services through consultative knowledge sharing workshops, write-shops, field incursions and farmers feedback sessions.

Sourcing contemporary and state of the art ICTS: ASARECA Continues to provide and keep up to date with cutting-edge ICTs.