Annual Reports

  • Annual Corporate Report 2019

    Annual Corporate Report 2019: A silver Jubilee in Coordinating AR4D

  • Annual Corporate Report 2017-2018

    Annual Corporate Report 2017-2018: Repositioned, Refreshed, Rebranded 

  • Annual Corporate Report 2016

    ASARECA has been strategically repositioned to perform a higher level coordination, convening and advocacy role to enhance sustainable agricultural transformation, economic growth and inclusive development in the Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) sub-region. The nitche of a repositioned ASARECA is explained in the Annual Corporate Report 2016. 

  • Annual Corporate Report 2015

     2015 was the second year of implementation of ASARECA Second Operational Plan (OP II). We are delighted to share

    with you progress made in the promotion of agricultural innovations in Eastern and Central Africa. Two examples

    from one of our flagship projects facilitating farmers to harness scarce water resources at farm and watershed levels

     in Kenya and Burundi illustrate this.

  • ASARECA Annual Report 2014

    To all our esteemed partners and colleagues, let celebrate! ASARECA is 20. Yes, this year2014, ASARECA made 20 years since itwas established in September 1994. The year is also unique in other ways: It marks the first year of ASARECA Second Operational Plan (2014 - 2018) following the successful completion of the 1st Operational Plan (2009-2013). These two plans are based on the 10-year Strategic Plan (2007-2016), which ASARECA is using as a long term direction for research for development interventions in the sub-region.

  • ASARECA basket of good summarised in 2013 Annual Report

    2013 was a very significant year in ASARECAÔÇÖs work in mobilising regional collective action to tackle challenges affecting people in Eastern and Central Africa. In 2013, ASARECA ended implementation of the first Operational Plan (OP1), which ran from 2008 - 2013.

  • ANNUAL REPORT 2010: Technologies without borders: Sharing regional innovations for food security.

    The focus of ASARECA has been to increase the efficiency of agricultural research in eastern and central Africa to facilitate economic growth, food security and export competitiveness through productive and sustainable agriculture.

  • ASARECA Annual Report 2007

    The ASARECA Annual Report for the Year 2007. The year when the decision was made to transform ASARECA from its original form and function, to a new form and a new function.

  • ASARECA Annual report 2009

    Theme for Annual report 2009: Generating and scaling out agricultural technologies and innovations for improved livelihoods. 2009 was the year when most of the change processes initiated in 2006 and implemented through to 2008, were completed by ASARECA.

  • ASARECA Annual Report 2008

    The year 2008 was a successful year in terms of consolidating the positive changes being made in ASARECA towards realizing the vision of making ASARECA a ÔÇ£regional leader in agricultural research and development for improved livelihoods in eastern and central Africa.ÔÇØThe governance structure of ASARECA was changed to expand the Board of Directors and include members representing various stakeholders; work on the Constitution and Governance Manual progressed well; and changes in the management of research for development were also complete. All the seven programme managers were recruited but three of them would report early in the following year. In addition, various new organs became functional.