Welcome to ASARACEA’s Partners Page and thank you for your interest in being our valued and trust-worthy partner.


About Our Partnership

ASARECA is an African led institution with a pool of experts in agricultural research and development from within the Eastern and Central African region. We carry out our work through multi-stakeholder projects in collaboration with multi-disciplinary partners in the member countries.

We have a unique structure built on partnership with farmers, national, regional and international research, extension and training organizations; public and private sector actors, NGOs, development agencies, governments and regional economic communities.

We broker sustainable partnerships between countries, to help them to work more effectively and cost efficiently for a sustainable agricultural sector.

We are a regional agricultural knowledge hub that facilitates various partners to learn from one another by generating, accessing and sharing information.

ASARECA’s membership is categorized as follows:

Core Members include the governments, national agricultural research institutes, CG system.  

The Core members shall be entitled to: 

  1. Membership of the Business Committee and Plenary of the General Assembly; 
  2. Opportunity to be elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors 
  3. Membership of the Board of Directors; 
  4. Voting rights; 
  5. Hosting Rights for meetings of the institutions of the General Assembly
  6. Research and funding opportunities; and 
  7. Publications. 

Ordinary Members include research, extension and training organizations, farmer organizations ​

The Ordinary members shall be entitled to 

  1. Membership to the Business Committee and plenary of the General Assembly 
  2. Opportunity to be elected as Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors 
  3. Voting rights. 
  4. Invitation to serve on Technical Committees of the Association. 
  5. Selection to serve as rapporteurs of meetings of the institutions of the General Assembly; 
  6. Research and funding opportunities. 
  7. Publications. 






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