Following the formation of the ACSAA, stakeholders designated ASARECA as host, coordinator, and convener of the new facility. As a coordinator, ASARECA Secretariat is charged with ensuring the Alliance serves as an interactive platform that brings together direct and indirect beneficiaries of ongoing projects within the Member States; support national efforts to enact CSA related policies to guide the implementation of CSA related initiatives in the region; and broker partnerships with other continental and global CSA Alliances for the benefit of its national constituents.

Dr. Enock Warinda

 Chairperson & Patron

Athanase Cyamweshi

 Vice Chairperson & Member of Resource Mobilization

Joshua Okonya

 Coordinator & General Secretary

Dr. Bashir Ahmed

 Chairperson, Awareness Creation, Data and KM WG Sudan

Dr. Michael Okoti

 Chairperson, esource mobilization WG, Kenya

Dr. Everline Komutunga

 Chairperson, Multistakeholder Patnerships WG, Uganda

Dr. Sali Borou

Chairperson Policy and Advocacy WG, Cameroon

Dr. Jean Pierre Kabongo

Chaiiperson Technology & Innovation WG, DRC

Sophia Mondi Ikobo,

 Member ACDKM WG RoC

Dr. Dejene Abera

 Member, RM WG - Ethiopia

Claudette Nkurunziza

 Member MSP WG - Buundi

Dr. Lucie Aba-TOUMNOU

Member PA WG - CAR

Ashura Ally Dulazi

Member TI WG - Tanzania

Dr. Zakaria Mohamed

 Member ACDKM, Somalia

Annuarite Uwera

Member RM WG - Rwanda

Dr. Laingo Rasolofo

 Member MSP WG - Madagascar

Dr. Luka Awata

 Member PA WG - South Sudan

Samuel Bereket

TI WG - Eritea