ASARECA work in the Republic of Burundi

To date, ASARECA has invested US$ 5.22 million to catalyze agricultural transformation in Burundi through key beneficiary projects. Through these projects 2.15 million beneficiaries were reached, 4, 1887 stakeholders were trained, and 471 ha of land were brought under improved TIMPs. The following are highlights of the projects undertaken:

Controlling the spread of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW)

ASARECA supported ISABU to promote proven and cost-effective measures to control the deadly BXW epidemic that caused up to 92% crop loss and affected 72% of the banana farmers in Burundi. Farmers in Cibitoke were trained on how to control the spread of BXW and regain banana production. Within six months of adoption, BXW prevalence reduced from over 90% to less than 5%, while the proportion of farmers who controlled the disease increased from less than 5% to over 60%. After 15 months, banana production recovered from zero percent in some places to over 80%.

Burundi, the project was implemented in Muhembuzi (Kirundo) and Kibimba (Gitega) watersheds. Following the transformation of one of the hilly landscapes in the watersheds into agricultural land, the participating farmer groups generated US$ 17,358 from sale of cabbages, onions, amaranths, tomatoes, beans, chicken and fish, besides 592 households reporting improved nutrition levels.