ASARECA work in the Central African Republic

Between 2020 and 2023, ASARECA has invested US$ 570,000 to catalyze agricultural transformation in Central African Republic through key beneficiary projects. Through these projects 234,867 beneficiaries were reached, 457 stakeholders were trained, and 51 ha of land were brought under improved TIMPs. The following are highlights of the projects undertaken:

Facilitating learning through benchmarking

ASARECA organized two benchmarking exercises for eight (8) ASARECA member countries including Central African Republic, one in October, 2021 hosted by the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), Uganda; and the other in July, 2012 hosted by Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI). During the two exercises ASARECA facilitated a total of 88 researchers from the National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs), farmers and selected private sector actors (43 in 2021, and 45 in 2022) to enhance their capacities in implementing climate relevant AR4D initiatives. The beneficiary countries were: Cameroon, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Sudan. They were supported to visit sister NARIs in Uganda and Tanzania to enhance their skills through peer-to-peer learning and mentorship.

The researchers interacted in key areas such as: (i) laboratory diagnostic tools; (ii) bio-policy and bio-safety; (iii) aflatoxin management; (iv) tissue culture, biotechnology and hydroponics; (v) bio-fortification of banana; (vi) livestock nutrition and embryo transfer; (vii) integrated pest management; (viii) marketing and private sector involvement; (ix) soil analysis; (x) crop production using CSA practices; (xi) strategies for livestock management to mitigate impacts of climate change; (xii) new approaches to farming; (xiii) application of commercialization concepts and marketing; (xiv) and choice of crop varieties for diversified agroecological zones