Steering committee

Following its formation, stakeholders designated ASARECA as host, coordinator, and convener of its activities. As a coordinator, ASARECA Secretariat is charged with ensuring the Community serves as an interactive platform for Knowledge Management, Communication actors in the Member States to: (i) facilitate exchange of Knowledge, Technologies, Innovations and Management Practices; (ii) enhance efficiency in conduct of Agricultural Research and Development; and (iii) deliver relevant and user-friendly outputs to intended beneficiaries.

The Steering Committee has 18 Members. The Patron and Chairperson is the Executive Director of ASARECA, while the Vice Chairperson is a staff of a selected NARI. For effective coordination, the leader of ASARECA Knowledge Management and Communication Intervention Area is the Coordinator and Secretary of the Platform. There are five working groups comprising three members drawn from Chairperson and two other members. The working groups are:

Hierarchy of the entire Steering committee

The following is the structure of the Knowledge Management Community of Practice Steering Committee.