ASARECA over the last 30 years, ASARECA has implemented over 100 regional projects focusing on generation and dissemination of agricultural technologies in the region. ASARECA strives to ensure that it efficiently and effectively utilizes resources at its disposal to achieve impact. We have put in place a robust M&E team capable of collecting scientifically rigorous data, monitoring and evaluating the results to facilitate reflection, learning and adaption, and improvement over time.

  • Successfully tracked delivery of results from implementation of ASARECA supported projects under OP1, OP2 and MTOP-1
  • Over 100 projects monitored, evaluated and successfully completed
  • Established Community of Practice that is engaging M&E specialists within the ECA sub region to improve their skills and practice in various M&E disciplines
  • Provided trainings in M&E to national and regional stakeholders in the ECA sub region
  • Successfully coordinated country teams in implementation of M&E for its mega regional projects supported by the EU, World Bank and other Development Partners
  • Demonstrated contribution of research programs to tangible improvements in agricultural productivity, sustainability, and resilience
  • Establishment and successful implementation of robust performance monitoring systems to track project activities, outputs, and outcomes.
  • Demonstrated how monitoring and evaluation findings contribute to evidence-based decision-making within the organization and among external partners.
  • Successfully measured the adoption rates of innovative agricultural practices and technologies resulting from research activities
  • Supported the development of over 1000 knowledge products
  • Supported the analysis of over 100 policies in the ECA region