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The ASARECA Policy Makers’ Network is a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, peer interactions and discussions on topical issues in Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) policy formulation, analysis and implementation, while building on the collective knowledge and skills of members. It comprises policy makers and policy specialists operating in the AR4D sphere in the 15 ASARECA member countries and the Regional Economic Communities. The platform was formed in 2021 with the objective of coordinating  activities shown below.


Rationale for the ASARECA Policy Makers’ Network

Supportive AR4D policy and regulatory frameworks favour agricultural technology generation, dissemination, commercialization and trade in related agricultural inputs and commodities. This requires a strong partnership, new skills, networks, information and knowledge sharing to scale up supportive policy and regulatory frameworks throughout Eastern and Central Africa. The ASARECA Policy Makers’ Network was established to deliver this.


Our mission is to create a collaborative space where policy makers and policy specialists in AR4D share, learn, and innovate for continuous improvement in AR4D policy analysis, formulation and implementation.


Currently, this Community of Practice has over 50 members drawn from a wide range of institutions as shown below.

Membership Fees and Funding

Currently membership to this platform is free. However, associated platform activities are currently financed by the European Union through the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme CAADP ex-pillar IV (CAADP-XP4) project as part of the grant awarded to ASARECA, AFAAS, CCARDESA, FARA and CORAF.

Further information on membership is available from

ASARECA Secretariat

Plot 5, Mpigi Road

P.O. Box 765, Entebbe, Uganda.