About Sudan

In the Sudan, agriculture is playing a crucial role in Sudan’s economy. It accounts for 38% of the total GDP, 80% of the non-oil export earnings, 70% labor force and around 80% of the population depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Based on the current structure of the NARs in the Sudan, ARC is affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources and represents the principal research arm of the government on agriculture. ARC is rich heritage in agricultural research, it was found in 1902 (more than 100 years). The research scope of ARC is field and horticultural crops, forestry, food and natural resources. The research activities of ARC are implemented through 24 national programs, 150 research projects, 10 specialized research centers and 2 research units which are positioned in 27 research stations that scattered all around the country.

Public Institutions


Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC)
Website available in English or Arabic

ARC is the oldest government organization with the main objective of developing improved technologies that can promote and enhance agricultural production in the country. These technologies include variety improvement. The ARC has an active breeding program in all the crops mentioned above.

Agricultural Related Universities